Most accurate airsoft pistols 2019

Today I want to talk about airsoft pistols. Accurate ones to be more precise. May I present you the list of the most accurate airsoft pistols 2019!

A high quality airsoft pistol can be decently accurate to moderate ranges. They make for a great sidearm for snipers or to anyone really. Some times it’s fun to play quick skirmishes with just your pistol, going all commando!

Most accurate airsoft pistol

Before we check out the guns let’s talk little bit about what exactly affects an airsoft pistols accuracy.

What affects airsoft gun accuracy

You might think the most important factors for accuracy is barrel length, bore tightness and power. This is a common misconception since those are the main factors that affect the accuracy of a real firearm or an air rifle.

Airsoft guns (and paintball guns) are a bit different though. They fire round BBs instead of bullets and airsoft guns utilize something called a hop-up to put a backspin on the BB instead of around its longitudinal axis like rifling does in real firearms.

This increases the range but makes the aerodynamics and thus accuracy completely different from weapon that fire bullet type projectiles that are stabilized by rifling.

So does longer barrel increase accuracy in airsoft? No, it really doesn’t. It affects the muzzle velocity to some extent, since very short barrels have less time to exert force from the air or gas pressure to the BB. However, the effect on the accuracy is negligible.

This is because the most important factors for airsoft gun accuracy are the consistency of muzzle velocity, quality and type of the hop up, quality of the barrel and quality of the BB used.

Consistency of the muzzle velocity is important because it’s actually the velocity the BB hits the hop-up unit that matters. If the velocity is the same on every shot and the hop-up is high quality and performs the same way on every shot, the accuracy is going to be good.

If the velocity varies, the amount of backspin will vary as well. This will affect the accuracy negatively. Likewise, if the BB or hop-up unit is low quality and the friction varies on every shot, even if the velocity is consistent, this will lead to poor accuracy.

Finally, the barrel quality will affect the accuracy if there are imperfections or bends in the barrel. The length and bore tightness are not as important as perfect straightness and smoothness. In a perfect situation the BB won’t even touch the barrel walls but will be surrounded by a cushion of air.

In a way, the barrels only function is to form enough seal between the BB and the air behind it so that the expanding air can propel the BB forward.

Most accurate GBB pistol

Let’s start with a GBB or gas blowback pistol. My recommendation would be the WE hi-capa 5.1 k1


  • Green Gas powered
  • Blowback
  • Full metal
  • Mag: 30 BBs
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs

It is a modern variation of the legendary Colt 1911 design. WE is known for extremely high quality blowback pistols and the 5.1k is no different. The build quality is excellent as is durability and power.

The hi-capa is powered by green gas, which is mainly propane. Green gas can be a great and relatively cheap power source for pistols. The only problem with accuracy with gas guns is that is you fire several shots very fast the expanding gas can cool the hop up unit to freezing point. This can affect accuracy negatively.

In typical use at warmer climates this is not a problem however and you shouldn’t worry about it too much unless you are getting the pistol as a main weapon.

Also if you are worried about absolute accuracy on every shot, gas blowback pistols is probably not the best choice, since blowback will always add some recoil. Recoil is the very thing that makes real firearms hard to shoot accurately for several shots.

Just let the gun and gas tank warm up a bit every now and then and you are going to have a blast with this pistol! Besides being accurate it’s a ton of fun and feels just like a real gun both in action and in appearance.

Most accurate gas pistol

If you want the semi-auto ability of a gas gun but without the recoil then my recommendation would be the WG m1911.


  • CO2 powered
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Almost full metal
  • 500 FPS out of the box
  • Mag: 16 BBs
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Just like the hi-capa the WG m1911 is a Colt 1911 style pistol. I might have a preference for the design but who could blame me. It’s been proven to be a good design bot in real life and in airsoft.

Click the image for best price!

The combination of affordable price, CO2 power and lack of blowback make this a great and accurate sidearm that you would definitely enjoy playing airsoft with!

The lack of blowback makes the gun super simple with mechanics and it doesn’t really have that many moving parts. That means the gun will be reliable and accurate. It’s always better to have less moving parts, especially in the more affordable airsoft guns.

Even though the gun is affordable the build quality and finishing is top-notch. There’s really nothing here to disappoint you!

Most accurate spring pistol

If you just want a reliable and accurate sidearm that is always ready to go no matter what the weather my recommendation is the Lancer Tactical Taurus PT 24/7


  • Spring powered
  • Heavy duty plastic polymer
  • 315 FPS muzzle velocity
  • BAXS hop-up system to ensure the best accuracy
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs

The Lancer Tactical Taurus PT 24/7 is a replica of the same name real Taurus firearm. Taurus pistols are known for high performance and reliability in a compact package.

The Lancer Tactical airsoft version is a pretty standard spring-loaded airsoft pistol. Meaning that you have to cock the slide manually after every shot to fire again. This means a slow fire rate and loss of sight between shots, but on the other hand it requires no external power source and makes for a very reliable sidearm that doesn’t require any real maintenance.

What sets the PT 24/7 apart from your regular Walmart springer toys is the built quality and performance of a legit airsoft company and the fact that it comes equipped with an BAXS hop up for better accuracy.

If all you need is a simple, reliable sidearm with good accuracy this is the gun for you and won’t let you disappointed.


Well there you have. The most accurate airsoft pistols on the market right now! As always, If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please leave them below and I will answer you shortly.

Till the next time!

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  1. Hi Jukka,

    Wow, this is a very informative post about Airsoft Guns. Years back I was actually interested in Airsoft Guns but thought, I would never go out to do any shooting anyway plus the nice guns were expensive. For someone like me who doesn’t go out shooting, it’s quite pointless to spend on something expensive.

    What I have at home right now are newbie guns that aren’t accurate at all! I guess I can use them around the house just for fun. At least I’ll know they don’t hurt! LOL! I guess you now have an idea how trashy my guns are! =)

    Definitely a good post for those who wants to learn more about airsoft guns or if someone is looking into buying a good pistol.


    1. Thanks for the comment Teresa! Just remember that even the $5 Walmart toys can cause permanent damage to a human eye (or animal) and should never be fired inside or at other persons/animals without using the proper eye protection. Airsoft guns should never be fired towards animal actually. They are not powerful enough for pest control and firing at a pet should land you some jail time in my books. And never leave kids alone with them.

  2. Awesome and informative article. I’ve long wondered about the different types of airsoft guns and what makes each unique to the other. Very informative and I like how you have links within the article as well to funnel others into the right direction.

    I have a few friends who love airsoft and I’ll definitely recommend this site to them.

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