Cheap Airsoft shotguns – Are they any good?

Cheap airsoft shotguns

Today we’ll talk about one of the weapons you see less often in airsoft – Shotguns. There are many models available from high full metal ones to very cheaply made plastic ones.

I will first talk a bit about what shotguns are used in real life for and what they are good for in airsoft. If you want to skip straight to my recommendations, just jump to the end of the post.

I will especially focus on cheap airsoft shotguns as I can’t really recommend getting the more expensive ones for playing airsoft since you can get so much more for the money buying an AEG or gas operated rifle.

The expensive ones can of course be very fun if you are just collecting replicas for other reasons, so take into consideration that I’m talking from playing perspective.

Role of shotguns in real life


In real life shotguns are usually simple, affordable and powerful at close ranges. Their effectiveness is based on the fact that they usually fire a round consisting of several lead or metal BBs or shots.

When the shots leave the barrel they start to spread. This effectively increases the chance to hit you target and that’s why shotguns are the preferred weapon when hunting birds.

Shotguns can fire a variety of rounds with different amounts of shots depending on the application. This includes slugs – a single bullet type round with immense stopping power at close to medium distances.

Airsoft shotgun hunting

Shotguns are also commonly used by law enforcement units as a more powerful option to sidearms. In law enforcement the ranges of engagement are relatively short and it’s important that shots fired in a fire fight don’t penetrate surrounding structures to avoid bystander casualties.

So in this role the shotguns high stopping power combined with low penetrability is a natural choice.

There are military shotguns but they are very rarely used for other purposes than security and guarding duties by military police.

In military application the short range, low ammo capacity and low penetrability make shotguns a one trick pony for close quarters assault. An assault rifle in full auto or bust mode is as effective for close range battle with superior penetration power and they are also effective at longer ranges when used semi auto.

This is the reason why assault rifle is the weapon of choice for pretty much all military forces around the world.

break action shotgun

Real life shotguns can be break barrel, pump-action, semi-automatic or full automatic. Break barrels shotguns are very common in hunting due to simple construction, pump-action is probably as common in hunting and most common in law enforcement.

Semi auto shotguns are used for hunting and by the military. Full auto shotguns are only used by military due to the immense firepower and need for training to operate one effectively. They are extremely rare even in that application though.

The role of shotguns in airsoft


Now that we know the uses of real shotguns, let’s look at how they reflect to airsoft.

Firstly in airsoft the range of engagement is generally very short, pretty much the same that would be effective with a real shotgun.

This means that airsoft shotguns are quite easy to replicate by range standards and can be used for what’s considered medium to long ranges in airsoft, depending on the model.

Secondly there is no penetrability with airsoft BBs, so this is a variable we don’t need to consider.

What airsoft shotguns usually share with their real rifle counter parts is low ammo capacity and the lack of automatic fire. This means using them as a main weapon against an AEG puts you in a disadvantage.

They are best used as back up weapon if your main weapon fails. They are usually too cumbersome to use as a true sidearm though.

One thing about airsoft shotguns is that you can get a fairly powerful airsoft gun with a decent range for a very affordable price. If you are just getting in to airsoft and really can’t afford an AEG, you can get a decent quality shotgun with good range for around $50.

Don’t expect to dominate the game but at least you have a fighting chance. You just have to count your shots and learn how play stealthily to use the element of surprise in your advantage.

Different operating principals


There are spring and gas operated airsoft shotguns but there are no electric shotguns that I know of. In general the gas operated shotguns use shells that look like real ones that are loaded with green gas and BBs. So the shotguns essentially work just like real ones, with the only difference being that instead of gun powder there is gas in the cartridge.

This is a big problem in airsoft games. It means every shell is single shot and unlike real shells you have to be careful to collect them since they are reloadable and quite expensive. This makes them very inefficient weapons for games.

You can find gas shotguns in break barrel sawed off double barrel models and pump-action ones. Both share the problem of single shot shells. Gas shotguns are also rather expensive so they really only serve the replica hobbyists and live action role-play purposes. Since the topic is cheap airsoft shotguns, I will focus on spring operated ones from this point forward.

Spring operated airsoft shot guns come in two varieties. Single BB firing with internal or external magazine and 3 BB firing with a shell magazine. Spring operated shotguns are always pump-action models.

pump action shotgun

The single BB firing models are usually the cheapest and offer decent power and range for a very affordable price.

The 3 BB firing models are usually a bit more expensive. They are all based on the Tokyo Marui shotgun system with three barrels which they introduced in the 90s in their spas 12 and Benelli shotguns. The performance in general is pretty good and firing 3 BBs at a time increases your chance to hit your target significantly. The shell magazines hold 30 BBs, so you get 10 shots before you have to reload. The reload process is fairly simple yet not as fast as with an external clip AEG for example. This means you have to count and think your shots.

My recommendations


Single BB firing one:

My first recommendation is the Crosman ASGM47 Voodoo Spring Powered Single Shot Pump Action Shotgun.

It is a VERY high-powered (up to 390 fps) single fire shotgun for a very affordable price. The build quality is very good considering the price and the fact that it comes equipped with hop up (this increases range), very high power, a stock and a tactical rail for attaching sights is pretty astonishing considering it costs a bit over 30 bucks.

IMPORTANT: The description says you can fire full auto in electronic mode, this is complete nonsense. The gun is 100 % spring operated and does not contain or can not be modified to use any kind of electronically operated mechanism. For a cheap spring operated gun the gun is very good however and Crosman is a very well-established manufacturer that has been making air guns for decades and in recent years has started making airsoft guns as well. -i recommend getting a reflex sight for the shotgun since it doesn’t come equipped with any kind of iron sights.


Three BB firing one:

The second shotgun I recommend fire 3 BBs simultaniously from three separate barrels. It’s based on the Marui design like I discussed earlier. Meet the Double Eagle Heavy Weight Pistol Grip 3 Shot Shotgun

The gun is modeled after the Benelli M3 and the build quality and reliability are superior for the price point. This is probably due to the fact that the gun is an exact copy of Tokyo Maruis Benelli which was a very high quality shotgun back in the day. Double Eagle is a Chinese airsoft manufacturer with a long track record and is known for making decent quality airsoft guns for a very affordable price.



So that’s about it of the topic of cheap airsoft shotguns. Thinking about getting one or have questions? Drop a comment and I’ll get back to you!





Best airsoft gun on Amazon – My pick from the Internet giants catalogue

Best airsoft gun on Amazon?

Since you stumbled upon here, you are probably looking to buy an airsoft gun from Amazon or maybe just interested in what is the best airsoft gun on Amazon. I was wondering the same thing myself one day and decided to take a look and make a post about it.

At the moment of writing this article there are over 2000 items in the airsoft guns category in Amazon, so finding the best one can be a daunting task.

Doesn’t matter if you looking to buy a gift, looking for something to dominate at the playing field or just browsing out of interest – I’m here to help.

I have searched through their inventory and chosen the best airsoft gun on Amazon by category. I will introduce the best airsoft pistol, shotgun, AEG and sniper rifle currently available on their line up.

There were so many great guns for different purposes so it really didn’t make sense to introduce just one gun. If you don’t agree, please let me know in the comment section below 🙂

Best airsoft pistol on Amazon

The best airsoft pistol available in Amazon currently is the umarex elite force 1911 tac gen3. It is a state of the art co2 operated gas blowback pistol.

It is a colt 1911 replica with a modern twist. The gun feels very realistic and features full metal construction, rail system for accessories, fully functional blowback and slide function and threads for attaching a silencer.

Why I think this is the best airsoft pistol in Amazon? Because it has all the features to look for in a quality airsoft gas pistol:

  • Operates on Co2
  • Full metal construction
  • Very good accuracy, power and overall performance

It’s made by a reputable well-established company, the built quality is top-notch and the reviews of the gun are all good. If you decide to get this gun, don’t forget to buy some Co2 cartridges with it too.

Best airsoft Shotgun on Amazon

The best airsoft shotgun in amazon in my opinion is the CYMA Full Metal M870

It’s relatively cheap, the performance is great and it has a stock so you can accurately aim with it unlike the “sawed off” style shotguns. The mechanics are based on the Tokyo Marui Spas-12 style three barrel configurations. This means it actually acts like shotgun and fires multiple BBs which increases you chance of hitting the target. This is the only reason to use a real shotgun instead of a rifle and the same applies to airsoft. Single BB firing airsoft shotguns are just bad airsoft rifles.

The shotgun is full metal construction and modeled after the famous Remington M870 that comes in various sizes and stock configurations. The mechanism that is copied from Marui is as reliable as it gets and the performance is very good for spring operated shotgun.

This gun shines in CQB but can also be used in forest games in a pinch.

Best airsoft AEG in Amazon

Now this is a tough one since the amount of AEG is really overwhelming and there are some very good ones available on Amazon. After thorough research my pick is the Krytac Kriss Vector.

It is a state of the art AEG sub machine gun modeled after the modern .45 caliber Kriss Vector. The manufacturer Krytac is well-known for their extremely high building quality and performance in their airsoft guns. Now the gun is not cheap by any ones standards but I do dare to say it’s the best AEG available on Amazon. The price is high because it’s not a cheap Chinese rip-off of a model someone else designed. They actually had to design this thing from the scratch – and they made a very good job doing so.

The gun features a very compact size, three firing modes including a 2-round burst just like the real gun and completely electronic trigger and mosfet system.

Best airsoft Sniper rifle in Amazon

Since Amazon doesn’t carry the rifle I recently introduced on my post about best airsoft sniper rifles, I had to do some digging to find the best airsoft sniper rifle in amazon.

Since I highly recommend getting a bolt action spring rifle if you are serious about being a sniper, the best rifle on Amazon would be the Modify M24.

The rifle is based on the APS 2 system and comes pre upgraded with high performance parts and doesn’t really require any upgrades.

Apparently there have been some reports that you may need to fiddle a bit with the internal to make everything work perfectly (or request a replacement if you receive a lemon) but considering the performance the rifle is extremely affordable. You won’t find better performance at this price point.

The gun features a polymer body, pre upgraded APS-2 based internal component and fires at 410 to 420 FPS right out of the box.

Modify is a Taiwanese company that has been manufacturing high quality precision metal parts and equipment and have entered the airsoft field a few years ago with high quality aftermarket upgrade parts to various sniper rifles. The Modify M24 is their first full airsoft gun and the build quality is on par to their high quality performance parts.

Why to buy from Amazon

Why buy your airsoft gun from Amazon? The obvious answer is the ease of purchase. Just add the gun and accessories you need to your shopping cart, make the purchase and you can some times have the package delivered to you the same day.

Amazon is known for its superior delivery times, great product guarantee and customer support. If you are not satisfied with the product you can usually get a return (this is not always the case, always check the product details).


That’s it for today. Those are the best airsoft guns I could find in the online stores giant inventory. Maybe you have better ideas? Drop a comment and help others out! And have fun shopping airsoft guns. I always do 🙂




Best airsoft pistols – How to choose the best sidearm

best airsoft pistols

When it comes to choosing a sidearm in airsoft, the options are plenty. Pistols in airsoft are the one weapon group where I think you can have more show than go.

Pistols are mainly used as sidearms in case your main weapon malfunctions or you run out of ammo in the middle of a fight and don’t have time to reload mags. They are also pretty much mandatory for a sniper as a close combat weapon. In CQB they can even be used as main weapons due to close firing distances and their agility.

best airsoft pistols

Pistols come in many models, building materials and working principles. From cheap plastic springers to full metal gas operated full metal ones. Today I will talk about what I think is important in airsoft pistols and what are the best airsoft pistols available right now.

The role of pistols in Airsoft


Like I stated before, pistols are mainly considered sidearms and only in rare occasion should they be used as main weapons. Even though they are very light and agile, the short length and lack of a stock make them fairly inaccurate just like their real life counter parts.

However in airsoft the firing distances are a lot shorter and there is no real recoil which makes airsoft pistols a lot easier to operate than real ones. But it doesn’t change the fact that fighting with a pistol in a woodland or an open terrain, you are in a serious disadvantage accuracy wise, compared to someone wielding some sort of rifle.

The other thing about pistols is the small ammo capacity. Pistols are small and the magazines or magazine wells usually house components required by what ever operating principle the gun is using. This all means there is not much room for BBs and a typical airsoft pistol magazine holds between 15 to 40 BBs.

In real life this might be plenty of ammo but in airsoft you will empty your clips faster than you can say “out of ammo”. The other problem the small size causes is that there is not much room for a power source – be it gas or battery the capacity won’t be very high and even if you have time to reload BBs, you will run out of power pretty fast.

So due to these technical limitations, you generally don’t use pistols as main weapons. Although for an experienced player it can be very fun to play fast skirmish games with a pistol for a change and challenge.

What is blowback


Before I go on about the pistols I want to quickly talk about feature called blow backsince it’s very relevant when choosing a pistol.

Blowback is a feature that simulates the recoil and loading cycle of a real firearm. In pistols this generally means the slide moving back violently after each shot while the mechanism loads a new BB in to the chamber.

Airsoft blowback

Blowback is mainly a feature of gas guns since it takes quite a bit of energy to cycle the slide. In real fire arms this is done by using the recoil force and the expanding gasses of the fired cartridge and it’s a very useful feature since this allows semi-automatic fire with a light trigger pull (compared to revolvers for example).

In airsoft blow back is not needed for the reloading cycle, since it takes a lot less energy to push a BB in to the chamber than a real cartridge. So the only function of blow back in airsoft is to add a feel of realism at the expense of energy in the form of gas. Oh and did I mention it’s really fun! 🙂

Different operating principles


Just like in bigger guns there are mainly three different operating principles in airsoft pistols. Manually cocked spring, electric ang gas.

Spring loaded pistols are generally cheap toys that are only good for blinking at the backyard. You can have a quality one – I had a Marui Glock 17 for a long time – as a back up of a back up weapon in case all our other weapons malfunction and no one has anything to borrow. Playing with springer against AEGs sets you in a huge disadvantage but at least you get to play and it’s still fun and challenging.

The thing about quality springers is that they are fool proof and will function in any weather condition. I have witnessed this many times in cold winter games where batteries run empty very fast and gas doesn’t work at all. This is not such a big issue these days after the invention of Li-Po batteries, since they can handle cold fairly well. In the old days in winter games it was normal to see players changing to springers towards the end of the games, as the main weapons started dropping out of action one by one.

Quality springers actually have a decent range for a pistol but the biggest stumbling block is the need to reload manually after every shot. You lose you aim and the opposing player has plenty of time to return fire.

Marui brought out their first AEPs or automatic electric pistols in the beginning of the 2000s. They are battery powered pistols with a gear box similar to full size AEGs. Due to size restrictions of pistol frames the mechanism takes out most of the space in the handle and AEPs use a stick type magazine because of this.

The size of the gear box and the small battery capacity also limits the power of the pistols. The springs used in AEPs are actually weaker than in quality springers. This was actually considered a big disappointment back in the day when they came out. You have to remember that what you lack in power you gain in semi auto fire (or full auto in some models) and the guns usually feature an adjustable hop up which increases effective range. The lack of power really isn’t an issue when you remember what the role of pistol is in airsoft.

AEPs generally feel solid and hefty, but due to the gear box the slides are fixed and there is usually no blow back feature. This makes the guns feel more like a toy gun especially when firing. But then again, you have to remember this is airsoft, and for gaming purposes I think certain AEPs are great. Especially with a couple simple modifications.

There are AEPs with blow back features but the action is so slow and the slide so light it really doesn’t feel realistic at all and I would not recommend getting an AEP with blow back feature. The ones without it are more reliable and there is more room for the battery and gearbox which usually means better performance.

Gas pistols can be divided in to blowback and non-blowback categories. They are either operated by green gas or CO2. Green gas is usually filled in the magazine of the gun and in some models the gas container is inside the magazine well. CO2 guns use the same CO2 cartridges that air guns use. Most quality guns these days accept bot green gas and CO2.

The biggest difference between green gas and CO2 is that CO2 can be used in colder temperatures. When you start to go close to freezing temps, green gas looses it’s capacity to expand, and the power of the gun will greatly diminish.

Gas pistols without blowback are generally very simple guns with few moving parts. This makes them fairly reliable but usually the trigger pull is heavy because it has to set the trigger and reload a new BB all with the energy from your finger.

In blow back guns the trigger is usually set by the slide moving back just like in real fire arms. This makes the trigger pull nice and light. But of course the biggest thing going for blow back guns is the blow back feature itself. When you shoot a quality blow back pistol with a heavy metal slide you will be surprised by the kick and the sound. It’s as close to firing a real firearm you can get in airsoft. That’s why high quality airsoft blow back pistols are used in IPSC Action Air, a practical shooting based airsoft sport and as rehearsal tools by any militaries and law enforcement organisations

What I use


I personally have a Tokyo Marui original AEP Glock 18C. I actually bought it a while ago used for $15 dollars or so. It’s easily worth the original asking price of around $100 in my opinion. The original battery was pretty much dead so I bought the smallest 7.4 V Li-Po battery I could find from a hobby store and with a bit of fiddling and soldering it fit the gun very nicely.

Marui glock 18c aep

I also modified the hop up unit in to a flat hop up and made it as air tight as possible. And boy did the gun come alive. The Li-Po batterys superior performance made the firing instantaneous and the rate of fire very good. With the upgraded hop up the range is more than enough for a sidearm.

The Tokyo Marui Glock 18 can be very hard to find these days but there are some decent copies on the market. Like the on M9 made by Cyma, which has pretty much identical internal parts. Even the famous YouTube Airsoft sniper NOVRITSCH used to use a Marui Glock 18C AEP before his channel grew and he needed something with more show.

Best airsoft pistols on the market right now


There are several very good airsoft pistols on the market. The ones I would recommend are all gas blow back guns made by well-established quality manufacturers.

KWC COLT 1911:

The KWC Colt 1911 is a tried and true model that comes in many different variations, which are basically the same base gun. It’s also distributed by Cyberguns and few other companies but they are all manufactured by KWC. This is not a bad thing since the KWC’s replicas of the 1911 are extremely well-made.

KWC (Kein Well Toy Industrial Co. Ltd) is a well-established Taiwanese manufacturer that specializes in high quality performance handgun replicas. They have been making replicas of the 1911 for many years now and it is sort of flagship model of their line up and comes in many variations.

The original Colt m1911a1 was adopted by the US military over a century ago but due to its modern design it is still used today and it’s one of the most iconic handguns out there, The semi-automatic .45 caliber pistol had superior stopping power, firing rate and accuracy compared to handguns of the time.

Kwc colt 1911 airsoft review

The airsoft version built by KWC is as close as you can get to the real deal with replica both in form and function. Performance and reliability is among the best on the market and leaves nothing to hope for. The only real downside is that the guns shoot pretty hot which means they might not be allowed in all CQB arenas. There are modifications available for lowering the muzzle energy, but if you are getting the gun only for CQB, I would recommend something else.

KWC and Cybergun have currently many models on the market. From the classic m1911a1 to very modern tactical versions with rails for attaching accessories.


The KJW M9 is replica of another iconic handgun, the Beretta M9 (also known as 92FS). KJW makes an excellent replica of this hand gun with very good performance and intricate attention to detail. Beretta M9 is actually the hand gun that replaced the m1911a1 as the standard issue side arm of the US military. It is a more modern design (with roots as old as the 1911) that uses the popular 9 mm round.

Click the image for best price!

KJ Works is another Taiwanese manufacturer that has been making airsoft products since the early 90s. They specialize in high quality gas blow back handguns and sniper rifles. Just like KWC the build quality and performance is their gas blowback weapons is excellent.

The M9 is another replica that is very true to the original counter part. The only difference to the real steel firearm is that the KJ Works Beretta can fire full auto. With a high power blow back pistol this is hilariously fun. Your accuracy will suffer and you will run out of BBs fast, but it’s all worth the fun!

Performance wise the M9 leaves nothing to be desired for. The muzzle energy is a bit lower than the KWC 1911. This combined with the full auto capability makes the M9 my pistol of choice for CQB.



So that’s my take on best airsoft pistols. What do you think of my choices? Did I miss your favorite or do you have questions about airsoft pistols? Don’t hesitate to drop a comment below and I promise to get back to you soon.





Best Airsoft face protection – How to protect your face and teeth

Best Airsoft Face protection

When I made a comeback to Airsoft I noticed that most players these days use simple protective classes without any cover for their faces. Back in the day when I started playing airsoft pretty much everybody was using either Sansei airsoft masks with steel mesh goggles or paintball masks. This felt natural since getting a burst of BBs from a high power AEG in to your face can be very painful and potentially dangerous to your teeth.

The reason many people prefer clear tactical glasses or goggles is the unobstructed field of view and the ease of breathing and communication. This however comes at a price. When compared to mesh goggles the clear glasses fog up easily especially if you sweat a lot from your face.

Airsoft eye protection

The other downside is there is no protection for your face. While this is not that dangerous it can be very painful and you can end up with bruised face for a couple weeks if you get hit bad.

An airsoft BB can also easily chip a tooth even from a distance if your mouth is open and you get a direct hit. I’ve seen this happen. I have also seen a BB stuck under the skin of a cheek. It ain’t pretty.

I actually tried using tactical glasses at the beginning of my comeback but I soon reverted back to using mesh goggles with a mesh mask to protect my face. Part of my day job is customer service so I can’t risk having bruises on my face and I really don’t like the thought of chipped teeth either.

So today I will discuss about the best airsoft face protection and how you can effectively and comfortably protect your face and teeth in airsoft.

A word about safety


IMPORTANT: I would like to point out that safety gear is the last thing you want to save your money on. A quality set of eye protection and a face guard will cost you less than $50 and they are pretty much indestructible. There are cheap hardware store eye protection and mask available but I can’t recommend getting something like that.

There have been reports with cheap Chinese metal mesh masks cracking from BB hits and clear plastic goggles cracking from normal AEG hits. You have only one set of eyes so please don’t make uninformed decisions when choosing your protection. In Airsoft safety always comes first.

So please get your protective gear from a well-known manufacturer and supplier. Most airsoft stores only carry tested quality masks and glasses so airsoft store are in general a safe place to buy your face protection.

Different kinds of face protection

There are a few options to choose from if you want to protect your face in airsoft. The BBs have relatively low kinetic energy so it doesn’t take much to soften the impact enough to protect you from bruises.

Different kinds of airsoft face protection

A simple balaclava or a scarf will offer some protection but fabric won’t completely stop the BB and you can still get stung badly. That’s why I recommend using solid face protection.

You have basically two options. Option one being a complete mask with eye protection and full face cover. This means your typical paintball (or paintball style) mask or a lighter airsoft mask.

The paintball style masks usually have the greatest level of protection and usually cover also your ears and parts of your neck. The airsoft style masks usually just cover your eyes, forehead, cheeks, nose and mouth.

The other option is to use separate eye protection and face protection. This offers a lot of different options depending on your preference.

Full masks


If you decide to go the full mask route, my recommendation would be an airsoft mask with steel mesh eye protection. The steel mesh will slightly obscure your vision but once you get used to it, it really isn’t a problem. What you get in exchange is complete freedom from fogging up your vision no matter what the weather is like.

The only downside in my opinion is the theoretical change of a BB fragment penetrating the mesh and hitting your eye. I want you to be aware of this risk but in all my years playing airsoft I have never seen this happen. I have once read about it happening but even in that case the fragment didn’t cause any injuries, so I figure it’s a pretty safe bet to say mesh goggles are safe.

IMPORTANT: What I stated in the previous paragraph only applies to quality mesh goggles. There are cheap and dangerous ones on the market. If you have any concern about the quality of mesh goggles you, or some of your friends is using, ALWAYS test the eye protection with the most powerful weapon on the playgrounds.

If you however decide you want to go with the paintball mask style make sure you get something with quality glasses that are well ventilated. This will keep you vision clear and save from a lot of frustration.

Some mask can also make breathing a bit more difficult especially when breathing heavy while sprinting. This can be avoided by choosing a mask with good ventilation or by drilling small holes to the mask to increase air flow. Masks can also muffle your voice a bit which can make communication more difficult.

Face guards


If you don’t want to use a full mask the best option in my opinion is to use a separate face guard. They are usually made out of steel mesh and painted in some sort of camouflage color. The mesh is thick enough to stop even high power BBs but open enough to not cause any problems with breathing like full masks can


This is what I prefer to do myself. You can use pretty much any kind of eye protection with the face guards. It will work with clear goggles and glasses or with mesh goggles and glasses. I actually use either the mesh goggles from my circa 1996 Sansei Airsoft mask that is still going strong or a set of Nuprol Pro mesh goggles.

Best Airsoft Face protection

The face guard I like to use is a Nuprol mesh one. I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. It’s flexible enough so you can contour it to fit to the shape of your face and I have had no problems with breathing or anything else really while wearing it.



So that’s pretty much all that there is to know about the best airsoft face protection available. As always drop a comment below if you have any questions and I will get back to you soon!






Best Airsoft gun for beginners – Avoid these common mistakes

Best airsoft gun for beginners

When you are just starting out airsoft and just thinking about getting you first gun it can be very hard to decide on what to get. There are so many options to pick from and then there are the hardware store $50 all included packages that seem so enticing.

Most players start with a cheap spring pistol that they borrow or buy from a toy store to blink at the backyard with couple of friends.

There is nothing wrong with that as long as everyone is wearing appropriate eye protection and there is no risk for bystanders to think something illegal is going on. Airsoft does not need more bad rep, just saying :).


Airsoft spring pistol


This article is aimed to the player thinking about getting the first serious airsoft gun for more official games. So let’s get cracking and let’s see what makes the best airsoft gun for beginners and what’s there on the market to pick from.

What’s important for a beginner gun


The very first thing I’d like to point out from personal experience is that the gun you get has to be interesting to you. It doesn’t really matter if the gun you get is real cream of the crop technically if it doesn’t speak to you. If you think a certain model looks ugly, don’t get it even if everybody recommends it.

You will enjoy the sport so much more when you feel awesome just by holding your new awesome BB shooter. There are a lot of options, believe me. So pick something that looks super cool to you or something you’ve always though was the coolest gun on action movies.

Best airsoft gun for you

On the other hand I have to point out that there are some rare weapons that have only subpar airsoft replicas available and I can’t recommend a beginner get something like that. Instead, pick something fairly common that is made by some of the well-known manufacturers.

That is actually the second point. A good beginner airsoft gun is made by a well-known manufacturer. Nothing kills the enthusiasm for the hobby like a constantly malfunctioning weapon so it’s important you get something reliable as a beginner.

Most of the largest AEG manufacturers use the same Tokyo Marui standard gear boxes any way so if something get’s broken you can always find spare parts and someone who knows how to install them.

Try around if possible

If you have friends that play airsoft or if there is an active local airsoft scene I recommend asking around if you could try out different kinds of airsoft guns. Looking at pictures and videos sure is fun but it can be very deceiving.

Try airsoft

You can’t really perceive from pictures or videos how the weapon feels in your hand, if the grip is the right size for you or if the gun feels too big for you. That’s why it’s important to get a feel for yourself.

Since airsoft stores are few and far between these days as most guns are sold online it’s good to ask around your local scene.

The Best type of gun for a beginner


I definitely recommend getting an automatic electric gun or an AEG as your first weapon. They are simply the most versatile type of gun you can get with decent price. AEGs combine good range and accuracy with automatic fire and modifiability.

The only real downside to them is lack of realism especially when comparing with gas blow back guns. There are also more moving parts inside them when compared to HPA (high pressure air) or gas guns but they are very reliable and very easy to maintain.

These days there are some very cheap AEGs available that are decent quality and up gradable if your budget is very tight.

The only accessories an AEG requires is a battery and charger and many times these are included in deals. As a beginner, it’s probably wise to buy enough BBs and some quality eye protection.

Best beginner airsoft guns


G&G Combat Machine M4A1

One of the most affordable AEGs with a decent build quality is the G&G Combat Machine M4A1 carbine.

It’s your run-of-the-mill Taiwanese made M4 which uses a Marui V2 style gearbox so the insides are fully up gradable with after market parts. The performance and quality are actually ridiculously good considering the price. You could not get anything even close to this price and performance when I was starting the hobby.

G&G is actually a high end manufacturer and the Combat Machine is their budget range with very little compromise. Pretty much the only upgrades you would need for this gun is a better barrel and some finishing touches to the gearbox to make it a long time keeper.

DBoys Kalash SLR-106U

The DBoys Kalash is a very affordable Chinese made Kalashnikov replica. It closely resembles the AK74 AKSU carbine but is not an exact replica. However the most incredible thing is that it’s almost all metal. Combine this with the tried and true V3 gearbox based AK design and good out of the box performance and you have the makings of a great gaming gun.

The company DBoys is a large Chinese manufacturer with mostly decent quality control. However with these cheaper guns you kind of have to expect there might be some tinkering involved. You get what you pay for. Usually this is something minor like resetting the hop up bucking or tightening some screws but sometimes it’s something bigger like malfunctioning gear box but this kind of malfunctions are always covered by the guarantee and most of the guns run just fine out of the box.

If you want an AK with a very affordable price tag, this is the one to get. Otherwise I would recommend getting the G&G M4 or a bit more expensive AK models.


If you like big rifles or want to go German my recommendation would be the JG T3 which is modeled after The Heckler & Koch G3 battle riffle. The gun is big, solid and very cheap when you take in to consideration that it comes with a battery and a charger. Performance

JG or Jing Gong is a Hong Kong based airsoft manufacturer that specializes in making low to mid price range guns with very high quality. They essentially copy Tokyo Marui designs and upgrade them with higher performance parts. Of course the quality is not as high as Marui because, well, nothing is as high quality as Marui :). But the performance is superior out of the box.


If you like something completely different looking like the crossbreed of a pressure washer and a waffle I would recommend the ASG Steyr AUG. My first gun was actually a Marui AUG I bought around 1998 and I still have it, although as a heavily modified DMR.

The Steyr AUG is and Austrian made assault rifle from the 1970s that has very futuristic looking bull pup design. bull pup means that the bolt and the magazine are situated behind the trigger. This allows for longer barrel in compact design.

The ASG AUG is a clone of the Marui AUG (noticing a pattern here?:). The performance is very good out of the box and you get the same cool features you get with TM AUG and the real AUG. These include a two stage trigger (pull half-way for semi auto and pull all the way for full auto) and quick disassembly of barrel, frame and stock which make transporting a breeze. Oh and it’s fully ambidextrous.

ASG stand for Action Sports Games and is a Danish based manufacturer of fully licensed airsoft guns and airguns. This means their replicas have high detail in finishing touches and have the same stamps as the real counter parts. I suspect the airsoft guns are manufactured in China by some large manufacturer like JG.

For the price you get a very good airsoft rifle with couple short comings. The AUG design is prone to problems with the semi fire function of the trigger. This is due to the design of the trigger connectors and is pretty easy to fix if you know what you are doing. The other is the tendency for BB feeding issues that also might need some tinkering if you encounter these problems. There are also some reports the muzzle velocity is usually less than the advertised 380 fps. This isn’t really an issue in beginners airsoft gun since the velocity id still decent (somewhere closer to 300 usually).



That’s my suggestions on the best beginner airsoft guns. I hope my tips help you make an informed decision and get you excited about the hobby! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about airsoft guns for beginners and I promise to get back to you soon.