Most accurate airsoft pistols 2019

Most accurate airsoft pistols 2018

Today I want to talk about airsoft pistols. Accurate ones to be more precise. May I present you the list of the most accurate airsoft pistols 2019!

A high quality airsoft pistol can be decently accurate to moderate ranges. They make for a great sidearm for snipers or to anyone really. Some times it’s fun to play quick skirmishes with just your pistol, going all commando!

Most accurate airsoft pistol

Before we check out the guns let’s talk little bit about what exactly affects an airsoft pistols accuracy.

What affects airsoft gun accuracy

You might think the most important factors for accuracy is barrel length, bore tightness and power. This is a common misconception since those are the main factors that affect the accuracy of a real firearm or an air rifle.

Airsoft guns (and paintball guns) are a bit different though. They fire round BBs instead of bullets and airsoft guns utilize something called a hop-up to put a backspin on the BB instead of around its longitudinal axis like rifling does in real firearms.

This increases the range but makes the aerodynamics and thus accuracy completely different from weapon that fire bullet type projectiles that are stabilized by rifling.

So does longer barrel increase accuracy in airsoft? No, it really doesn’t. It affects the muzzle velocity to some extent, since very short barrels have less time to exert force from the air or gas pressure to the BB. However, the effect on the accuracy is negligible.

This is because the most important factors for airsoft gun accuracy are the consistency of muzzle velocity, quality and type of the hop up, quality of the barrel and quality of the BB used.

Consistency of the muzzle velocity is important because it’s actually the velocity the BB hits the hop-up unit that matters. If the velocity is the same on every shot and the hop-up is high quality and performs the same way on every shot, the accuracy is going to be good.

If the velocity varies, the amount of backspin will vary as well. This will affect the accuracy negatively. Likewise, if the BB or hop-up unit is low quality and the friction varies on every shot, even if the velocity is consistent, this will lead to poor accuracy.

Finally, the barrel quality will affect the accuracy if there are imperfections or bends in the barrel. The length and bore tightness are not as important as perfect straightness and smoothness. In a perfect situation the BB won’t even touch the barrel walls but will be surrounded by a cushion of air.

In a way, the barrels only function is to form enough seal between the BB and the air behind it so that the expanding air can propel the BB forward.

Most accurate GBB pistol

Let’s start with a GBB or gas blowback pistol. My recommendation would be the WE hi-capa 5.1 k1


  • Green Gas powered
  • Blowback
  • Full metal
  • Mag: 30 BBs
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs

It is a modern variation of the legendary Colt 1911 design. WE is known for extremely high quality blowback pistols and the 5.1k is no different. The build quality is excellent as is durability and power.

The hi-capa is powered by green gas, which is mainly propane. Green gas can be a great and relatively cheap power source for pistols. The only problem with accuracy with gas guns is that is you fire several shots very fast the expanding gas can cool the hop up unit to freezing point. This can affect accuracy negatively.

In typical use at warmer climates this is not a problem however and you shouldn’t worry about it too much unless you are getting the pistol as a main weapon.

Also if you are worried about absolute accuracy on every shot, gas blowback pistols is probably not the best choice, since blowback will always add some recoil. Recoil is the very thing that makes real firearms hard to shoot accurately for several shots.

Just let the gun and gas tank warm up a bit every now and then and you are going to have a blast with this pistol! Besides being accurate it’s a ton of fun and feels just like a real gun both in action and in appearance.

Most accurate gas pistol

If you want the semi-auto ability of a gas gun but without the recoil then my recommendation would be the WG m1911.


  • CO2 powered
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Almost full metal
  • 500 FPS out of the box
  • Mag: 16 BBs
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Just like the hi-capa the WG m1911 is a Colt 1911 style pistol. I might have a preference for the design but who could blame me. It’s been proven to be a good design bot in real life and in airsoft.

Click the image for best price!

The combination of affordable price, CO2 power and lack of blowback make this a great and accurate sidearm that you would definitely enjoy playing airsoft with!

The lack of blowback makes the gun super simple with mechanics and it doesn’t really have that many moving parts. That means the gun will be reliable and accurate. It’s always better to have less moving parts, especially in the more affordable airsoft guns.

Even though the gun is affordable the build quality and finishing is top-notch. There’s really nothing here to disappoint you!

Most accurate spring pistol

If you just want a reliable and accurate sidearm that is always ready to go no matter what the weather my recommendation is the Lancer Tactical Taurus PT 24/7


  • Spring powered
  • Heavy duty plastic polymer
  • 315 FPS muzzle velocity
  • BAXS hop-up system to ensure the best accuracy
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs

The Lancer Tactical Taurus PT 24/7 is a replica of the same name real Taurus firearm. Taurus pistols are known for high performance and reliability in a compact package.

The Lancer Tactical airsoft version is a pretty standard spring-loaded airsoft pistol. Meaning that you have to cock the slide manually after every shot to fire again. This means a slow fire rate and loss of sight between shots, but on the other hand it requires no external power source and makes for a very reliable sidearm that doesn’t require any real maintenance.

What sets the PT 24/7 apart from your regular Walmart springer toys is the built quality and performance of a legit airsoft company and the fact that it comes equipped with an BAXS hop up for better accuracy.

If all you need is a simple, reliable sidearm with good accuracy this is the gun for you and won’t let you disappointed.


Well there you have. The most accurate airsoft pistols on the market right now! As always, If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please leave them below and I will answer you shortly.

Till the next time!

American made airsoft guns

American made airsoft guns

Airsoft is a popular hobby in the US. If you want to support your local businesses and economy it might be wise to buy domestic airsoft guns. But what are the best American made airsoft guns? Let’s find out!

Now I would like to point out that there are many American companies that sell rebranded Chinese and Taiwanese airsoft guns. I’m not going to be introducing these as I think you should just buy the “original” (they are all ripped off copies, usually of Maruis design), for a much cheaper price.

Instead I’ll be focusing on actual made in America airsoft guns. Some of them might still be mainly copies of the original Japanese designs but atleast they are manufactured in the US. This means buying them sustains and creates new jobs in your domestic market (assuming you’re an American). It also usually means the companies stand behind their products and offer superior quality control, guarantees, spare parts and maintenance services.

Not so surprisingly there are a lot of AR15 based guns made by American airsoft manufacturers. I mean there are other models out there but the AR5 definitely seems to be the favorite.

So without further ado, let’s check out the US airsoft gun manufacturers and what they have to offer in different price ranges!

American airsoft gun manufacturers


Tippman is an American based company that is better known for their paintball guns. In recent years they have started to manufacture airsoft guns as well.

If you have ever tried paintball or even heard about it you probably have seen a Tippman gun. They are pretty much an industry standard so they have a reputation to keep up so their airsoft guns are top-notch as well. Their line of airsoft guns are premium AR15 based models with different operating principles.

Most products by Tippman are made in the USA and they continually strive to produce outstanding USA made products. So this is definitely a company to consider if you want to support American companies.


Like Tippman, Crosman is not originally an airsoft manufacturer and has branched out to airsoft only in recent years. Crosman is well known for their US made, yet affordable air guns in all shapes and sizes. They produce everything from backyard blinking BB guns to serious competition grade air rifles. They even produce air rifles and air bows (yeah, that’s a thing) for hunting.

Crosman was established in 1923 in Rochester and they employ over 300 workers in their manufacturing facilities in Bloomfield, NY. In addition, they support thousand of U.S. jobs at other companies due to component manufacturing, transportation, technical support etc.

So they are another large American company that actually manufactures airsoft guns, using American parts and labor.

Crosman offers a line of affordable airsoft guns in different designs. The cheapest being toys for kids and the top line being affordable intermediate gaming guns.

American made airsoft guns under 100 dollars

Crosman AREKT Commando kit

If you are looking for an affordable starter gun or a quality blinker for the kids that’s made in the U.S. your options are quite limited. In this case my recommendation would be the Crosman AREKT Commando kit.

The kit combines a spring operated rifle and a spring operated pistol that is modeled after the Colt 1911.

It comes everything you need to get your feet wet with airsoft so to speak. All you need is some quality eye protection and you are good to go! Great for kids playing airsoft in the backyard. Not so great for serious airsofting however.

The build quality is superior compared to cheap Chinese toy guns and the performance is actually pretty good with FPS being around 300 on both guns. Accuracy is decent as well. But they are cheap springers and you get what you pay for.

American made airsoft guns between 100 to 300 dollars

Crosman GFSMG Submachine Gun

Just over $100 at RRP $119 is the Crosman GFSMGSubmachine gun which is clearly a replica of the Thompson M1, the legendary .45 caliber sub machine gun.

This one is a AEG which means it’s electrically operated and comes with a battery and a charger. It’s not really a serious AEG but great as a starter gun. The gear box is plastic but it’s a copied Marui V3, so you can pretty much replace the whole thing if you wish to upgrade it.

Considering the price it’s a pretty nice gun you will surely have lots of with!

Crosman Game Face GF529 Sniper

If you are looking for an affordable sniper rifle, definitely check out the Game Face GF529. It’s a bolt action spring operated Tokyo Marui VSR-10 copy. Considering the price it’s a very high quality and accurate airsoft sniper rifle.


Click the picture for best price!

Just make sure to get some high quality heavy BB’s (0.28g and up) because the hop up is very powerful and the lousy 0.2g BBs (I don’t really get why they pack these along with it) will fly up because of the powerful hop up. This is a good thing, considering you want strong hop when using heavier BBs, like you should be using in an airsoft sniper rifle.

Best American airsoft guns over 300 dollars

If you are looking for a serious gamers gun made in America, my recommendation would be the Tippman Arms M4. It’s a gas operated premium grade M4 replica. The great thing about it is it accepts both CO2 cartridges and Remote Line Adaptor.

Performance is top-notch and you really get what you pay for. The muzzle velocity is adjustable between 300 – 400 FPS so you can use it for both CQB and outside field games with a simple twist of a knob. Just make sure your local rules allow the usage of adjustable gas guns.

Even the rate of fire or ROF is adjustable between 8-15 rounds per second. Since it’s a gas gun there is no need for batteries and there are very little moving parts. This means low maintenance and high reliability. Something you should always look for in a high quality gaming gun.



Well there you have, some of the best airsoft guns that are made in the USA. If you are an American and want to support your country, domestic business and the economy definitely pick out something manufactured in the U.S.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop a comment and I will do my best to help you out!





Best airsoft gun on Amazon – My pick from the Internet giants catalogue

Best airsoft gun on Amazon?

Since you stumbled upon here, you are probably looking to buy an airsoft gun from Amazon or maybe just interested in what is the best airsoft gun on Amazon. I was wondering the same thing myself one day and decided to take a look and make a post about it.

At the moment of writing this article there are over 2000 items in the airsoft guns category in Amazon, so finding the best one can be a daunting task.

Doesn’t matter if you looking to buy a gift, looking for something to dominate at the playing field or just browsing out of interest – I’m here to help.

I have searched through their inventory and chosen the best airsoft gun on Amazon by category. I will introduce the best airsoft pistol, shotgun, AEG and sniper rifle currently available on their line up.

There were so many great guns for different purposes so it really didn’t make sense to introduce just one gun. If you don’t agree, please let me know in the comment section below 🙂

Best airsoft pistol on Amazon

The best airsoft pistol available in Amazon currently is the umarex elite force 1911 tac gen3. It is a state of the art co2 operated gas blowback pistol.

It is a colt 1911 replica with a modern twist. The gun feels very realistic and features full metal construction, rail system for accessories, fully functional blowback and slide function and threads for attaching a silencer.

Why I think this is the best airsoft pistol in Amazon? Because it has all the features to look for in a quality airsoft gas pistol:

  • Operates on Co2
  • Full metal construction
  • Very good accuracy, power and overall performance

It’s made by a reputable well-established company, the built quality is top-notch and the reviews of the gun are all good. If you decide to get this gun, don’t forget to buy some Co2 cartridges with it too.

Best airsoft Shotgun on Amazon

The best airsoft shotgun in amazon in my opinion is the CYMA Full Metal M870

It’s relatively cheap, the performance is great and it has a stock so you can accurately aim with it unlike the “sawed off” style shotguns. The mechanics are based on the Tokyo Marui Spas-12 style three barrel configurations. This means it actually acts like shotgun and fires multiple BBs which increases you chance of hitting the target. This is the only reason to use a real shotgun instead of a rifle and the same applies to airsoft. Single BB firing airsoft shotguns are just bad airsoft rifles.

The shotgun is full metal construction and modeled after the famous Remington M870 that comes in various sizes and stock configurations. The mechanism that is copied from Marui is as reliable as it gets and the performance is very good for spring operated shotgun.

This gun shines in CQB but can also be used in forest games in a pinch.

Best airsoft AEG in Amazon

Now this is a tough one since the amount of AEG is really overwhelming and there are some very good ones available on Amazon. After thorough research my pick is the Krytac Kriss Vector.

It is a state of the art AEG sub machine gun modeled after the modern .45 caliber Kriss Vector. The manufacturer Krytac is well-known for their extremely high building quality and performance in their airsoft guns. Now the gun is not cheap by any ones standards but I do dare to say it’s the best AEG available on Amazon. The price is high because it’s not a cheap Chinese rip-off of a model someone else designed. They actually had to design this thing from the scratch – and they made a very good job doing so.

The gun features a very compact size, three firing modes including a 2-round burst just like the real gun and completely electronic trigger and mosfet system.

Best airsoft Sniper rifle in Amazon

Since Amazon doesn’t carry the rifle I recently introduced on my post about best airsoft sniper rifles, I had to do some digging to find the best airsoft sniper rifle in amazon.

Since I highly recommend getting a bolt action spring rifle if you are serious about being a sniper, the best rifle on Amazon would be the Modify M24.

The rifle is based on the APS 2 system and comes pre upgraded with high performance parts and doesn’t really require any upgrades.

Apparently there have been some reports that you may need to fiddle a bit with the internal to make everything work perfectly (or request a replacement if you receive a lemon) but considering the performance the rifle is extremely affordable. You won’t find better performance at this price point.

The gun features a polymer body, pre upgraded APS-2 based internal component and fires at 410 to 420 FPS right out of the box.

Modify is a Taiwanese company that has been manufacturing high quality precision metal parts and equipment and have entered the airsoft field a few years ago with high quality aftermarket upgrade parts to various sniper rifles. The Modify M24 is their first full airsoft gun and the build quality is on par to their high quality performance parts.

Why to buy from Amazon

Why buy your airsoft gun from Amazon? The obvious answer is the ease of purchase. Just add the gun and accessories you need to your shopping cart, make the purchase and you can some times have the package delivered to you the same day.

Amazon is known for its superior delivery times, great product guarantee and customer support. If you are not satisfied with the product you can usually get a return (this is not always the case, always check the product details).


That’s it for today. Those are the best airsoft guns I could find in the online stores giant inventory. Maybe you have better ideas? Drop a comment and help others out! And have fun shopping airsoft guns. I always do 🙂